Redefining Onsite Conversions

We designed a SaaS conversion optimization platform that allows users to curate their website experience through a visual workflow, audience segmentation, behavioral targeting, AI product algorithms, and onsite design tools. We also developed a design system for rapid prototyping, continuity, and communication across product and development teams.

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The Workflow Builder is the visual "roadmap" and strategy for segmenting, automating, and interacting with visitors on your website. Each component (designs, triggers, audiences, etc.) can be created outside of the Workflow Builder, but are easily accessible from within the tool as well.

Performance Dashboards

With a product that offers far more granular controls and advanced targeting, there is even more data to present when it comes to user behavior, interactions, and onsite conversion goals. Performance metrics and KPI's give users a clear picture of their website's conversion performance and corresponding ROI for the SaaS platform.

Modular Components

One of the biggest conceptual improvements and the most user requested feature was the modularization of components, like targeting rules, promotion designs, and enrollment triggers.

Each component can be created once and used multiple times in multiple places. Modularizing the product improves the user experience, and offers improved output consistency for better and more efficient marketing and a higher quality customer experience for businesses using the platform.

Responsive Design Tools

These tools are specifically designed for creating web components that integrate seamlessly into a user's website, as either a modal or in-page. With the ability to create custom click actions, multiple frame views, flexbox alignment, custom plugins, unique visitor profile attributes, games, and more, this design tool is a modern and robust solution for SMB to enterprise clients.

Design Templates

Template management is key for navigating the modular use of components across workflows and campaigns. This template dashboard allows for folder and tag organization, search, and sort. Each dashboard can be toggled between a card layout or a table view, depending on the user's preference.

Admin Dashboard

Admin accounts are given unrestricted access to every part of the account's settings. This includes custom roles and permissions, master-billing, platform appearance, and more.

This high level overview gives users (and most importantly agency accounts) access to navigate between multiple websites and clients with ease.

Account Management

Every account has local settings specific to that account. Here users can set that website's brand kit (including logo, brand colors, fonts, etc.), manage their team, integrate connected apps, adjust notification settings, manage their plan, and more.

A New Brand Identity

Real impact comes from smarter messaging. When you can appeal individually to each website visitor, you have captured their attention. Generic messages are lost in a sea of information, as customers have come to expect intuitive and personalized website experiences. The company needed a brand refresh, to reflect the sophistication of their new SaaS platform.

Icons & Illustrations

We created each of these graphics point by point in Adobe Illustrator. The result is a unique and fully customizable library of assets that can be used across all of the various marketing and sales channels, and company assets, including case studies, guides, and conference collateral.

Seamless Frontend

The website acts as a cohesive and curated experience, both as a representation of the quality and consistency of the product behind it, but also as an extension of the marketing team, the sales team, the support team, the partnership team, and the client success team.

Brand Identity
UX Design

Boutique Customer Experiences

A successful customer experience is one that works seamlessly and delights the customer in the process. We designed a scalable operation system, a performance database and dashboard, an SEO optimized marketing frontend, and an automated personalized customer experience.

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