How we helped The Squire Tarbox Inn increase bookings by over 500% in less than a year

We started by evolving their brand identity, designing and implementing an SEO-optimized marketing frontend, and launching an automated personalized email marketing campaign. From there we designed a scalable ordering system and a performance database and dashboard.


Webflow, Airtable, Mailchimp, Zapier, Twilio, Cloudbeds

Faster Page Load Speed
Email List Increase

Refining a Brand

The Squire Tarbox brand had a strong start, but needed clearer direction and guidelines for style and implementation. I began the first stage of this project by organizing all of their existing brand assets to get a picture of how they present themselves, and what needs to be done. The first task was to refine their logo--increasing the stroke width to give the logo a higher contrast and presence (the thin lettering had previously been so thin it was difficult to see). The next step was to define brand guidelines, from typography (fonts, headings, weights, styles, etc.) to brand colors, to design guidelines, mission statement, and style rules.

Components & Architecture

Outlining the core component blocks is a critical part of setting up the information architecture. The three primary products of the Squire Tarbox are: inn reservations, weddings, and private events. Setting up the information architecture around these products allows for cross-referencing content across the website through reusable components, as well as defining specific sales funnels for each type. For example, one area of the website was the Local Guide ("things to do"). These posts are valuable SEO content, partner relationships, and a cross-functional way to add content to the inn reservation funnel. "Stay at the inn, and check out all these great things to do while you are here!"

With these modular components, the Squire Tarbox staff can add, update, or edit featured businesses from a single data source and have that automatically update in multiple areas across the website.

Optimized Performance & Reporting

A successful customer experience is one that not only works seamlessly, but delights the customer in the process. With the Squire Tarbox's small operational team, the attention and nurturing that improves a customer's experience is difficult to attain at scale. A seamless experience for the company and team translates to a seamless experience for the customer, driving more sales and positive reviews.

We began by outlining the customer's journey and how data flows through the system. Automating different touch-points provided a personal touch at scale. Setting up separate funnels for each service allowed us to create unique customer experiences, as well as track the success of each process (allowing for data driven optimization and customer behavior insights).

Rebuilding and redesigning the Squire Tarbox website was a critical part of their success. The primary goals I focused on achieving were to improve the usability and accessibility of the site on desktop and mobile, offer clearer navigation and richer content, significantly reduce page weight (the previous homepage was over 10MB!) to increase load speed and SEO performance, and improve the responsiveness of the design for all devices. The results were huge performance improvements, considerably improving page speed, SEO keywords and content, structured data and schema, and all around engagement and conversions.

Detailed Metrics

Clean, reliable, and automatically updated data is enormously valuable to every business, from customer profile information to order information. All inquiry and order data is automatically synced with a custom database, to track ROI on advertising campaigns, analyze website performance, attribute brand ambassador revenue, and more. As customers evolve through the customer journey, we are able to update the customer profile status to ensure leads, new guests, and returning guests are all enrolled in the correct marketing funnels. With an ever growing data set, we are able to build reports to discover insights about the business, learn their customer behavior, identify average customer values, and more.

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