How we helped Tiny Tails to You scale and automate their business

We designed a seamless user experience for leads, customers, and staff. Designed with an adaptable frontend and a scalable database, orders were automated while maintaining custom control and delightfully unique customer experiences.


Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, JotForm

Faster Order Processing
Conversion Rate Increase

Project Overview

The scope of this project began with considering how the business could become more streamlined to open in a new city the following year. This lead to designing an automated ordering process, while maintaining manual control of important aspects of the order. Designing a seamless customer experience necessitated considering every detail of the customer's experience, from initial interest to purchase. This experience needed to coordinate equally as seamlessly with the operations and administration team.

On average, customers were spending upwards of thirty minutes filling out the reservation form on their website. Thirty minutes is a long time to spend ordering any service. We needed a way to reduce the time for each reservation and get the essential information for what the Tiny Tails to You staff needed in order to assess if a customer was serviceable. We came up with 8 fields: Age Group, Date, Flexible, Number of People, Zip Code, Name, Email, Phone.

The lead form submits the information to their CRM database, and passes the information to hidden fields on the "Experience" form. This way customers are seamlessly brought into the more complicated experience form, and if they bounce or abandon the experience form, Tiny Tails to You is still able to capture their information and put that lead into a sales funnel. Once implemented, the average time customers spent on their forms went down by over 68% percent. The average time spent on the lead form is around 90 seconds, and the reservation form is just under 7-8 minutes.

The experience form also presents customers with a quote price for their event, including travel fees (calculated from the zip code entered on the lead form). This simplifies the price even more, making the buying experience that much easier.

Automated Efficiency

Automation is a key part of running a business at any scale. With clean, organized, and structured data we were able to setup automated marketing emails, automated service and transactional messages, weather alerts, feedback requests, dynamic invoice creation and sends, reminders, internal company alerts, and more. Staff are able to process customer orders significantly faster, with the average processing time becoming 12 times faster, from almost an hour per customer to just under 5 minutes per customer.

With most of the system automated, this allowed the team to focus on other parts of their work, while continuing to provide an individualized and personable customer experience.


With every customer data point, interaction, and touchpoint saved in a database, we are able to build custom reporting to analyze the data and get insights on customer behavior and business performance. This has allowed Tiny Tails to You to understand their target demographic, average customer value, gender, seasonal growth, sales trends, marketing efforts, and more.

The analytics is fully customizable, allowing staff to build new insight reports, or update their dashboard as the company evolves and grows.

The Experience

The website was designed to showcase an organized, clean, and simple experience. The goal is to translate the ease, simplicity, and clarity of the user experience all the way through to the event. Every event is highly organized and efficient, while also being adorable, fun, and engaging. At its core, the purpose of the website is to get customers to fill out the Availability (lead) form. With that in mind, every page converts the visitor to this form. The evolving reasons for why they should complete the form range from checking availability, getting pricing, booking your event, or requesting a call. This funnels all visitors into a single, optimizable, and trackable funnel.

As a customer, you are not just getting a "petting zoo," you are getting the Tiny Tails to You Experience.

Photography by Liz Moskowitz

Graphic Design by Shea Cadrin

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